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im just tired today..
tired of thinking things.. thinking about him, about US.
one day i'll be over without forcing myself.
i need to go through this process so that i'll learn..
hehehe.. after a long time im back.. just wanna share with you my experience in my ojt.. its nice.. i met a lot of nice people.. good thing that i enjoyed my stay in their company... hope that our friendship won't end when i finished my ojt..
i failed in my cisco exam!!! :((
i don't think so,, i think im confused,,, :butterflytwo:
im so happy,, :)) as in,, to the max po,, :)
we had our swimming at pook ni maria makiling, los banos laguna,, an overnight outing with our friends, apple, jade, simi, lei, tiffany, russel, cay, michael, jerico and jean..
today is apple conanan's bday! april 09, 2005!!! hehe,, well be in greenbelt later for the celebration.. :) c yah there! :)
jade's baby was born yesterday! (november 18, 2004)
gosh,, so tired,, nothing happened to my day!